Andy Murray is reported to have returned his recent BBC ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ award, citing the “unbearable pressure” it’s brought on him is “too much to cope with.”

The newly appointed world number one is reported to have confessed to close colleagues that, whilst he felt justifiably rewarded for his achievements on the court over the past 12 months, it was “entirely unreasonable” to expect him to develop a personality to accompany his success.


Andy is reported to have been in particularly high spirits following his World Number One status.

“It’s just been too much for him,” explained one close colleague. “It’s one thing to keep winning, receive countless gifts and earn eye-watering levels of money throughout the year but quite another to expect him to smile about it” he remarked. “That’s the trouble with the public. They want it all” he continued.

Andy is said to have returned the prestigious title in person to executives at the BBC.

“He was keen to do it face to face,” explained his agent. “It’s only fair, given the enormity of the award. He wanted the bosses at the BBC to appreciate his genuine expressionless face and monotone voice. Posting it back would have been unacceptable and discourteous.”

The BBC are said to be disappointed by the decision but, having re-read the title of the award, have concluded he may have a point.