The governing body of the Indian IPL Twenty20 tournament have taken the unusual decision to reverse the normal pricing structure for next season’s competition.

With front sections traditionally at premium prices, the 2017 tournament will see them set at the lowest level.

Management for the international series have taken advice from ticketing consultants Wearego, following a period of lengthy research and investigation.

Studies into scoring charts, shot placement and ball trajectory have revealed that audiences members in the rear seats see the ball at close quarters more frequently and, therefore, have concluded they should pay a higher price for their seats.

“They’ll get the chance to catch the ball more often” explained Steven Goodle from Wearego “Front row spectators often just experience the ball going over their heads”.

IPL chiefs are said to be happy with the more, calculating that revenue from the games will rise by an estimated 23%

No word has yet been received from the player’s representatives.