A fielder for a district team in the North East of Australia was left astonished yesterday when, trying to inform the departing batsman he’d not taken the chance cleanly, the square leg umpire interrupted to instruct him to “let us decide”

Bruce Fingle of Waggatogga, Queensland was involved in a league match for his local office team, The Workaroos, when a batsman from the opposition’s Officeroos side chipped a fairly easy chance to him at mid wicket.  Bruce, not unaccustomed to dropping catches, spilled the chance as he fell forward into the turf.  However, batsman Bruce Foster failed to notice the ball had popped out and began to make his way back to the tin hut pavilion at the Aussieroos ground.

Struggling to his feet Bruce began to call to Bruce to let him know that he’d survived the chance, when umpire Bruce Pushpen yelled from the square leg  position.

The newly refurbished pavilion at Aussieroos ground.

“I was so shocked” said Bruce. “I was only trying to tell Bruce I’d missed the bugger, when Bruce interrupted me”

Umpire Bruce then conferred with his on-field colleague Bruce Toohey and, after a lengthy discussion, decided to uphold the dismissal and asked Bruce to leave the field.

The match is now under investigation by third umpire Bruce Middy