The ECB has announced a special secret meeting with players to discuss details of their proposed City Franchise tournament.

With rumours surfacing of player confusion and disgruntlement at the exact make up of the competition, officials provided a press release describing a surprise get-together would take place at the ECB headquarters, Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Graves is said to be behind the announcement

“We understand that some players are feeling a little anxious about how the new proposal will effect them” explained tournament impresario John Clooless “It’s for that reason we’re going to get everyone together secretly, so that we can discuss any issues without anyone else knowing we’re meeting”.

County player James Treadfall said “It’s a good idea. These things are always played out in the media and that helps nobody. The ECB’s plan to get us together secretly will help to address that problem”.

Exact details of where and when the meeting at ECB head office, Lord’s Cricket Gorund, London NW8 8QZ on Thursday 12 January at 2pm will be held are being kept a closely guarded secret.