Sports Careers officers in schools across England have been instructed by the government’s education department to advise children with little or no ambition to pursue a role as goalkeeper for a handball team.

With only 3 saves made to date in the 100 year history of the sport, child psychologists and education experts feel that the position ideal suits this sector of young people.

“It’s perfect” said Chief Educational Directionalist Sarah Stacker. “Sometimes we meet children who don’t want to be top of their class or head of a company etc. Sometimes we meet young people who set their career and life goals at extremely low levels. It is for his particular segment of society that we feel the role of Handball Goalkeeper is uniquely placed.

Careers Advisors are expected to introduce the scheme in September

Graham Skittles, from the England Handball Association welcomed the move. “We always find it very difficult to recruit goalkeepers” he explained. “With only 3 official saves in the past 100 years, it’s often difficult to persuade new players to put on the keeper’s jersey. This new initiate from the government we’re hopeful will boost our numbers significantly”

Officials from the DOE have stated they hope to role out the new scheme from September 2017.