ASHES 2023. Best venues for England?


As we near the start of the 2023 Ashes campaign, Cricileaks investigates the win/loss record of the England team at each of the five Test venues.


Edgbaston cricket ground has established itself as a formidable Ashes venue. The passionate crowd at this Birmingham-based stadium creates an electric atmosphere that adds an extra layer of intensity to the historic rivalry between England and Australia. The pitch at Edgbaston often provides a fair balance between bat and ball, making for enthralling contests and ensuring that both teams have opportunities to shine. The ground’s reputation for producing memorable Ashes encounters is well-deserved, with its rich history of iconic moments etched in cricketing folklore. Edgbaston’s significance as an Ashes venue cannot be overstated, and it continues to deliver gripping matches in this legendary series.

WON – 6

LOST – 4




Lord’s cricket ground, known as the “Home of Cricket,” stands as a hallowed Ashes venue. The historical significance and grandeur of this London-based stadium create an unparalleled aura for the contest between England and Australia. The unique setting and iconic pavilion lend an air of tradition and prestige to the Ashes battles at Lord’s. The pitch often provides an intriguing balance, rewarding skillful batsmanship and cunning bowling. The crowd’s cricketing knowledge and passion further elevate the experience. With its storied history and unwavering reverence for the game, Lord’s stands as an iconic Ashes venue that epitomizes the spirit of this historic rivalry.

WON – 7

LOST – 15

DRAWN – 15



Headingley cricket ground, located in Leeds, holds a special place as an Ashes venue. Known for its passionate and vocal crowd, it creates an electric atmosphere that adds an extra dimension to the England versus Australia battles. The pitch at Headingley often provides an exciting contest, with a good balance between bat and ball. The ground has witnessed some of the most thrilling moments in Ashes history, including memorable comebacks and remarkable individual performances. With its historic significance, lively ambiance, and the ability to produce nail-biting encounters, Headingley stands as a revered and cherished venue in the storied Ashes rivalry.

WON – 8

LOST – 9



Old Trafford

Old Trafford cricket ground, located in Manchester, has cemented its status as a legendary Ashes venue. Known for its raucous atmosphere, the passionate crowd fuels the intensity of the England versus Australia rivalry. The pitch at Old Trafford often provides a favorable balance between bat and ball, offering excitement for both teams. The ground’s history is replete with iconic Ashes moments, from thrilling comebacks to extraordinary individual performances. Its modern facilities and excellent viewing experience further enhance the allure. Old Trafford’s enduring legacy as an Ashes venue makes it a cherished destination for cricket fans and a battleground for epic clashes.

WON – 7

LOST – 9

DRAWN – 15


Kia Oval

The Oval cricket ground, located in London, stands as an iconic Ashes venue with a rich history. Its distinguished reputation as a cricketing fortress makes it a hallowed ground for England versus Australia encounters. The venue’s historic significance and imposing atmosphere contribute to the intensity of the matches. The pitch at the Oval is known for its reliability and consistent quality, providing an ideal stage for exhilarating battles between bat and ball. The ground has witnessed numerous memorable moments in Ashes history, solidifying its place as a cherished venue in this historic rivalry. The Oval truly embodies the spirit of Ashes cricket.

WON – 17

LOST – 7

DRAWN – 14