England batsman Keaton Jennings is rumoured to be saddened and disappointed at not featuring in this year’s New Year’s honours list.

With 2 matches under his belt, the South African born youngster was dismayed to learn that his century on debut was not enough to qualify him for such an award.

“He’s not all that happy” said team assistant James Sinemup “He felt that he’d done enough” he explained.

Sources close to the team suggest that, having seen fellow player Paul Collingwood honoured for one Ashes appearance in 2005, that he was odds on for a knighthood.

Paul Collingwood received the MBE in 2005

It’s not known whether Jennings will now consider re-applying to play for the South African team at this stage.

“We’re hoping he’ll stay on” explained James. “Obviously it’s tough for the lad but, with an Ashes series not far away, I think we can convince him that with one or two more big scores, he’ll get the reward he deserves.

The ECB have chosen not to comment at this stage.