Former England boss Steve McClaren was left searching for answers to some awkward questions from his Chairman yesterday after confidential details of his game plan, tactics and coaching notes for Derby’s forthcoming fixture against Norwich City were accidentally left on the seat during his train journey to the ground.

Containing a detailed sketch regarding player formation tactics and some text prepared for his halftime team talk, it’ could prove to be an embarrassing and potentially costly error by the Derby County governor.

“I couldn’t believe what I was reading” said Norwich fan Derek Swinger “Once I realised what it was, I passed it straight on to City manager Alex Neil’s office.”

Revealing a fascinating insight into the thinking of the former national coach, experts are said to be staggered by the intricate detail and high-level thought process of the sometimes-mocked manager.

A photograph of he actual drawing left by McClaren has left experts stunned by the detail.

“We’ll certainly view him in a different light from now on” said a spokesperson for the Norwich City manager. “We’ll be careful not to underestimate him again, that’s for sure” he explained.

Perhaps most fascinating were the notes written for the halftime team talk, for which McClaren appears to have prepared words for all scenarios.

The piece read:

If we’re losing…

1) Begin with a period of prolonged silence and fixed staring
2) Shout “what the F*** was that” at the top of your voice
3) Scream “come ooooooonnnnn!” loudly
4) Say “let’s do this for the fans”
5) Point at badge on shirt

If we’re drawing
(as above)

If we’re winning
Omit steps 1 & 2

Management at Derby are rumoured to be livid by the error at a crucial period for the club’s season.  One fan remarked “It’s like giving them your bank account details!  No idea how we’ll win now!”

McClaren is said to be devastated by what he referred to as a “schoolboy error” in which “years of work have been thrown away in an instant”

Fans now await nervously to see what the consequences of this mistake might be.