Bosses at Manchester United have employed the services of a Sir Alex Ferguson lookalike to help improve results at the club.

In the light of another disappointing first half of the season from new manager Jose Mourinho and, following on from previous unsuccessful replacements David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal, the chairman and board have decided if Alex himself is unavailable for a return, then this solution is the next best thing.

“We think it’ll give the dressing room and supporters a big lift” explained Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward. “Clearly we’re finding it impossible to find anyone capable of managing the side like Ferguson but we’re hopeful that recreating the feeling that Alex is back amongst us here at the club could be the key to unlocking the potential we’re all hoping for”

It is understood that the copycat Alex will be present during dressing room briefings prior to the match and during half time and is undergoing training at present to perfect his kicking of football boots at players during disciplinary rants.

Game time will see the uncanny resemblance of the hugely successful Knight take his place in the famous dugout chair, with Jose now expected to sit amongst fans further up in the stands.

No word has been received as yet from the club as to whether the new replacement will be expected to chew gum for the duration of the match.