Recent statistics from the ACB have shown that just over 60% of crowds attending the hugely successful Twenty20 tournament are unaware the event involved a cricket match.

With record attendances across the country, the governing body was shocked to discover most attendees thought it was a state-backed ‘get together’.

“Cricket?” said one fan seen emerging from the vast catering and merchandise areas.

“I just came with my mates” he went on. “The beer’s cheaper than my new local and the atmosphere, music and fireworks are bonza” he remarked.

It is thought no changes are likely to the marketing material. “We don’t want to rock the boat” said a spokesperson for the ACB. “Tickets are selling faster than ever” she explained “why change anything?”


The ACB however are likely to consider alterations to the player arrangements at the tournaments following these revelations. Sources close to the management have suggested next year’s competition may see a reduction in the number of overs to 10 per side, with large increases in dancing girls, overbearing music and flame throwers.