Test umpire Paul Reiffel, recently struck on the back of the head by India’s Bhuvneshwar Kumar has vowed to get his own back when “he’s not looking”.
Struck by a wayward throw during the fourth test against England in Mumbai, Reiffel said “He can’t always be watching.  He’ll have his back to me at some point soon and I’ll be ready when he does”.
Sources close to the respected umpire say he’s been talking about the player’s canteen as his revenge location.  Wishing to remain anonymous, a close colleague said “he’s a mean aim with a bread roll and, with catering being what it is on tour, some of those lunchtime offerings can be pretty hard!”
It is thought Paul has kept in good shape since his bowling career came to an end and, with rumours of secret training sessions in the net area after close of play, Kumar is said to be considering protection.