A selection of Football and cricket stadiums across the UK are set to introduce Payday loan facilities at their grounds in an effort to assist fans wishing to purchase onsite catering during matches.

With prices of drinks and food within stadiums now at Michelin star levels, a number of Premier League and Test Match venues have turned to the leading high street loan companies to help patrons bridge the funding gap.

The FA have stated that the average of £12 for a match pie is “completely affordable for everyone”.

“We think it provides an excellent solution,” explained Gareth Bloodstone, Head of Commercial Squeezing at Chelsea Football Club. “We know that buying both a drink and food at the club has always been something of a luxury and we’re keen to make sure that our customers can continue to afford a water and other similar treats while continuing to stretch to the ticket price,” he said.

“We’re hopeful that, if the scheme proves successful, we’ll be able to continue raising the price of our catering by the standard 25% each year,” he explained.

A number of loan companies are reported to have signed up to the initiative and are expected to have a significant presence at the venues.

Fan groups are reported to have received the news with some anxiety.