Officials at Athletics governing body moved swiftly to deny recent claims by UK Athletics Chairman Ed Warner that there was “Too much denial” in the sport.

Peter Cockerel, head of Information Liaison at the IAAF said.  “This is a claim we find no evidence for” he explained.  “The IAAF take our responsibility towards rooting out drugs in the sport extremely seriously and we’re very pleased with the huge progress we’ve made in the past few years,” he went on. “Now that we don’t need to worry about the Russians, that’s brought our number of cheats down by over 45%” he explained.

Ed Warner is re-branding the “Anti-Doping Department” to “Clean Athletics”

A spokesperson for Lord Coe said “Following the UKA’s refreshing approach of re-branding the ‘Anti-Doping department’  to “Clean Athletics” in an effort to more clearly emphasise the ultimate purpose of their activities, we’re keen to extend this scheme to a number of our own departments” he said.  “From now on, we’re going to call the ‘Anti-Corruption Agency’ the “Do just enough to keep the press of our backs” department, the ‘no drugs in sport’ to ‘No drugs in countries we don’t much like’ sector and the head office itself is being changed to “Be seen to be doing something” organisation.

With shocking revelations emerging last week of a random test exposing a clean athlete in the weightlifting division, the WADA and IAAF have much work to do.