Arsene Wenger has admitted that his recent statement concerning a lack of “memorable games” was triggered by the numbers of years it’s been since his team won the title.

“I can’t remember back that far” he explained. “I was a relatively young man and many of my present side were at school”.

Researchers at the club are said to be assisting Wenger with his memory problems by proving film footage of his previous triumphs for him to watch at home.

“We’ve put together a package of great wins for the gaffer to watch” said chief researcher Alain Doasusay. “Although it’s taken a little longer than we’d have hoped as we’ve had to transfer the recordings from VHS”.

A hypnotherapist and team psychologist are expected to join Wenger is these special “re-run” sessions, with a view to helping him to recall key moments and try, if possible to regain memory “triggers” of success where possible.

“We’d like to reestablish the lost neural links that are associated with triumph” explained Dr. Jane Korsless, resident sport scientist at the Gunners. “Medical theory suggests that repeated views of past victories can help patients recover from “loss trauma”.

No official statement has been released from the club’s board in relation to this matter as yet.