President elect Donald Trump is reported to have reacted with panic yesterday at receiving news of further hacking in the weeks leading up to his inauguration.

A weekly report, submitted by greenskeeper Iain McWedge of Trump’s Turnberry Course, of “Routine hacking by new club members”,  is said to have sparked the incident.

After a difficult last few weeks in the wake of continued rumours of Russian assistance in his presidential result, Mr Trump was said to be “extremely anxious” at hearing the news and keen to act quickly to resolve the issue.

“Hillary’s done nothing to prevent this” said a spokesperson from Trump Tower.  “This is just another example of how the Democrats have failed to protect the American people”.

Trump is said to have immediately instructed staff at the prestigious Scottish venue to begin erecting a wall around the property.

Officials at the Scottish resort say the club is in safe hands.

“This is exactly what the country needs” said his spokesperson.  “This kind of decisive and bold move in the face of criminal activity is what’s going to set President Trump apart from his predecessors.

No official word has been received from members at the Turnberry Club, although rumours suggest some are now struggling to gain access to the venue car park at present.