A football fan from the UK is set to create legal history as the first individual to seek formal separation from the often termed “football family”.

Fearing that it has deteriorated into something of a dysfunctional unit, Gareth Hipster from Hampstead, London has submitted a formal separation order to his lawyer to begin proceedings.

“This family sucks” explained Gareth.

Following a number of corruption scandals, racist behaviour and violent episodes in recent months, Gareth feels he’ll not be the first to go.

A spokesperson from the Football Supporters Association stated their concern at the move.  “We’ve been fearing this for a while” said James Headinsond “The football family description has been worrying overused recently, particular in response to a number of distasteful occurrences in the world of football.  It was only a matter of time before someone broke ranks”.

It’s not known what response is expected from the FA and FIFA following this landmark decision.  Rumours from within the governing body suggest Gareth may be paced into the “relative we don’t talk about” category.