Following the recent set backs in locating suitable venues for the ECB’s new City T20 Franchise, the management of the proposed format have taken the unexpected decision to stage the competition in city centre car parks across the UK.

With many of the more traditional venues withdrawing their support for the controversial league, ECB chiefs have found a willing partner amongst the supermarket chains.

According to sources at the governing body, a recently commissioned report found unexpectedly low numbers of people make use of these large spaces during the periods at which the cricket competition is likely to take place.

The Oval has recently voted against the ECB’s new City Franchise proposal

“it’s a perfect match” said James Finnderway, ECB’s head of alternative thinking. “We’ve already got a fantastic relationship with the leading supermarket retailers and with Costcutter and, as it turns out, these large, flat open spaces, are free for us to use!”.

It is now thought that the ECB will undergo a full feasibility study into the plan but, it’s rumoured, this is the management’s chosen direction at this stage.

“we know we’ve got some obstacles to overcome” said Gary Makeamess of production and logistics company Spaces Reborn Ltd. “There’s a number of trolley sections, low level lighting posts and parking kerbs to be considered but we’re confident we can make it work”.

The ECB think they’ve found the perfect solution with car park locations

Sources close to decision makers for the new league are said to be very encouraged by the early results of their studies. “Who’d have thought it?” said James. “it was right in front of us all the time. The sites are right in the city centres, have fabulous transport links and the sponsors are extremely keen to work with us”.

Just one element seems most difficult for the organisers to solve at these new venues and that’s parking.